Government of Canada Programs and Services

Service Canada

The goal of Service Canada is to provide better, one-stop service to more Canadians in more communities, delivered with the right service attitude.  Over time, it will bring Federal services and benefits together making it easier for Canadians to get more of the help they need in one place, whether by phone, internet or in person. 


For more information call 1 800 0-Canada (1 800 622-6232) or TTY 1 800 926-9105


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Services for Persons with Disabilities

Guide to Government of Canada Services for People with Disabilities and their Families

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Canada Pension Plan: Disability Benefits   

The Canada Pension Plan pays provides a monthly taxable benefit to contributors who are deemed disabled and to their dependent children.  For more information call 1 800 277-9914 (English) / 1 800 277-9915 (French)

or TTY 1 800 255-4786




Employment Sickness Benefits

Employment Sickness Benefits are paid to those who are unable to work because of sickness, injury, or quarantine.  For more information call 1 866 206-7218 or TTY 1 800 529-3724    Click



Vetrans Affairs Canada

Vetrans Affairs Canada provides disability benefits to eligible vetrans, serving and former members of the Canadian Forces and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and to their spouses and dependants.  For more information call 1 866 522-2122 (English)  1 866 522-2022 (French) or Click


Opportunities Fund for Persons with Disabilities

Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities finances projects that help persons with disabilities prepare for, find and keep employment or become self-employed.  For more information call 1 800 0-Canada (1 800 622-6232) or TTY 1 800 926-9105 or click HERE.


Canada Revenue Agency - Disability Tax Credit

For information about deductions and credits that may be claimed on your tax returns call 1-800-959-8281 or TTY 1-800-665-0354 or click  Download Disability Tax Credit Certificate click