101 Easy Ways to Be a Labour Activist

Activating your members is Easier than you think!

Activate Your Members Today!

101 Easy Ways to Be a Labour Activist v1.0 is an incredible ebook that teaches your members how to easily become activists. They will be able to apply what they've learned in your union right away.


It is a straight forward low learning curve program that is a must for any union.

This ebook shows your members Everything, they need to get started. You can prove to your members that being an activist doesn't require a lot of time.

Give them a copy of this ebook as is or, make a statement for your Local and have your Union and Local listed at the bottom of each and every page (small fee applies). If your union or local has a website, a link can be inserted so that anyone clicking on it will go directly to your site. Great for Organizing!

You can host your version online enabling visitors to your website to be able to download it for free or, copy it to a disk to hand out as Free Swag. Swag that pays you back in the form of Activism.

Want to impress your members? Attention Union Leaders! You can add up to 3 pictures and bios of leaders in your union or local (for a small fee) as well as up to 2 labour martyrs from your area (free) on the Names in Labour page. Have your members make a connection between you, your local activists and Caesar Chavez, Walter Ruether and Norma Rae.

Each order comes with a Sham Wow and a Graty...Just kidding, but Click Here for Pricing and ordering. All proceeds go to Labour, Social Justice and Humanitarian causes.

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Please make a copy or two and share it. To get a copy made for your union, Click Here.